Our Motivation for developing CAS

As we have seen all the works going on in our college, we observed that faculty find it extremely difficult to do it manually. Especially, when some mistakes are identified in the work, they must check the whole work to find the faults. And, a lot of paperwork has been done, which consumes a lot of our valuable time.

To overcome these problems, we have developed the College Administrative System (CAS), where all the work has been made easier. This system includes all the major components of the College Administration such as admissions, marks, timetables & attendance, exam schedules, invigilation & remunerations, alumni, etc., Using this system, most of the work can be done easily.

Now, we have also extended some additional functionalities like result analysis, feedback, fee and Course file. These are the most difficult tasks that take a lot of time and paperwork. The developed system will make these works easier.

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